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Travel Insurance
The Insurer indemnifies the cost of the services incurred by the travelers in consequence or arising out of the insured event.

A program
- Medical expenses
- Emergency dental expenses
- Expenses for transportation by ambulance
- Emergency evacuation expenses
- Repatriation of the body/ashes expenses

B program
In addition to all expenses which shall be reimbursed as per program A

- Expenses for the close(one) family member in an emergenncy situation
- Transportation expenses for immediate return of the Insured member to the home country
- Expenses for children (before 16) evacuation to the home country

C program
In addition to all expenses which shall be reimbursed as per programs A and B

- Transmission of urgent messages
- Interpreter's services
- Expenses for liaison with a lawyer
- Expenses for delivery or return of a baggage
- Reimbursement of expenses in a case of the baggage delay or loss
- Reimbursement for replacement of the Insured' documents in a case of their irrecoverable loss or theft

This Travel assistance Policy gives you a possibility to go on a tour or a business trip abroad without any care about the expenses as the result of an accident. One phone call during the critical situation to the Assistance Company, which has a wide network around the whole world any time of the day and the policy holder gets appropriate help immediately.

Our company refunds expenses from the urgent medical assistance up to providing of legal services and buying of necessary personal belongings as the result of the theft or delay of the baggage according to the covering limit and provided insurance Programs with a vast range of services. Individual examination of each case by the Insurer's staff allows out partners to successfully complete their everyday tasks being sure their clients will get a high-quality help.


Fire and Extraneous Perils
We would pay the cost of repairing the policy-holder's buildings, contents, stock and other fixed assets which are damaged by the perils which are listed in the policy, such as fire, earthquake, lightning, explosion, rainwater and strong winds. Usually the amount insured is the actual cash value of the assets insured, (the amount they could be sold for). However, it is possible to insure for new replacement value.

Property Damage and Business Interruption
This policy covers the cost of repairing damage to buildings and contents similar to the Fire policy and "business interruption" coverage. Under this coverage, we would pay for lost profit and/or those fixed costs the insured business would face if it's assets are damaged by perils which are insured. For example, if a businesses building had a fire, it's operations would be interrupted, resulting in extra costs and possibly a loss of profit. Also, the business may have fixed costs, such as salaries, which continue even though the business cannot operate until the building is repaired.

A range of insurance policies are available to cover "crime" exposures. These include:

- Bulglary (covering goods which are stolen after a "breaking" or during an armed hold-up)
- Money stolen while in transit to or from a bank
- Money stolen from a safe at the business or during an armed hold-up

Usually, the amount insured is the amount which could be solen at any one time, which may not necessarily be the full value of the policy-holder's contents.

Home and Contents
This policy covers damage to or loss of the policy-holder's private home and contents resulting from damage caused by fire, water pipes leakage, storm, earthquake, theft or bulglary and other perils. Also, under this policy we would indemnify the policy-holder in respect of his/her civil liability to third parties resulting from accidents at the insured location.


Group Personal Accident
This policy covers death or bodily injury caused by accident to any member of the group of people specified in the policy. That group may be a group of employees, a sports club, school children, or another group of people with a common interest. The amount payable is determined in advance, and varies depending on the kind of injury the insured person sustains. This policy can provide additional coverage over the limits provided by an Employer's Liability policy. It can also provide coverage for 24 hours per day, or for specific activities.

Group Medical
Under this policy, the Insured Persons and members of their families can receive medical treatment as a result of the insured event of accidental bodily injury, disease, sickness or acute case of chronic disease within the stated limit. This policy covers amounts payable for medical costs related to:

- Hospitalization
- Out-Patient Services
- Emergency Services
- Dental Services

24-hour medical services are rendered by independent, world-class medical assistance companies through a wide network of medical establishments and pharmacies throughout Ukraine.


Package Policies
P & Partners Ltd. has a number of products for individuals and commercial enterprises that conveniently "package" several separate policies into one. For example, our Shop Package, developed with the assistance of shop owners, includes cover for Fire and Perils, Business Interruption, General Liability, Deterioration of Frozen Goods and Burglary in one policy. Our packaged insurance products are appropriate for a wide range of businesses.


Motor Vehicle
This policy covers the value of the policy-holder's own vehicle - we would pay the full market value of your vehicle if it is totally destroyed or stolen, or the repair cost if it is repairable. We can also cover the amount of payments the policy-holder is legally obliged to make in relation to damage to someone else's property or death or injury to another person arising out of the use of the policy-holder's motor vehicle. It is common to include personal accident coverage with this policy, which would pay pre-determined amounts to passengers who suffer bodily injury while in the insured motor vehicle.


Employer's Liability
Under this policy, we would pay for the policy-holder's obligation under Ukrainian law to pay for the death or injury of the policy-holder's own employees which is caused by their employment with the policy-holder. This coverage is not included in the General Liability or Construction Liability policies. This policy only covers employees while they are doing their job.

General Liability
Under this policy, we would pay the amount the policy-holder is legally obliged to pay for damage to someone else's property or death or bodily injury caused to someone else by the policy-holder. The policy also includes the cost of defending the policy-holder against legal suits from other people for such damage or bodily injury.


Machinery Breakdown
Under this policy, we would pay the cost of repairing damage to a machine caused by its own, internal malfunction. (This is different to a Fire policy, which covers damage to buildings and contents caused by external causes). For example, the crank-shaft on a generator may break and the cost of repairing it may include rebuilding the engine because of the damage caused by the breaking crank-shaft.

Constraction All Risks
This policy is similar to a fire policy - it covers damage to buildings during construction caused by fire, earthquake, lightning, explosion, rainwater, strong winds and other perils including collapse of the building.

Contractors Plant and Machinery
We would pay for damage to equipment used by contractors such as forklifts, cranes, bulldozers, excavators, cement mixers, road-making equipment, and other major items of equipment used in the construction business.

Construction Liability
This policy covers the same obligations for payment as described for General Liability, but specifically in relation to damage to someone else's property or death or bodily injury to someone else caused by a construction project.


Cargo policies cover risks of physical loss of or damage to the goods while they are in transit by road, sea, air or rail. In many cases, the liability of the shipping company for damage to the cargo they move is limited by the shipping agreement signed by the owner of the cargo. A cargo policy enables the owner to insure the cargo for its correct value. A cargo policy can cover imports, exports and/or goods being sent from one place to another within Ukraine.

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